Welcome To Peavey Mart’s Protection Plan Program

At Peavey Mart, you’ll find durable, long-lasting, quality products. Sometimes even the built to last products can give in to the stringency of everyday use. Peavey Mart now offers a Protection Plan (Plan) by Comerco Services Inc. (Comerco) on a variety of products from Floor Jacks to Pond Pumps, Compressors, Lawn Tractors & more. Now you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your purchase from Peavey Mart is covered past the manufacturer’s warranty.

Protecting your purchase is simple. When shopping online, add the Plan to your cart when purchasing one of the applicable products. Keep your sales receipt showing your product and Plan purchase in the event you require service. When shopping in store, simply purchase your Plan at the checkout. Keep your sales receipt showing your product and Plan purchase in the event you require service.

To provide adequate coverage, the Service Plan cost is based on the regular retail value of the product coverage purchased.

A copy of your receipt will be required in order to obtain service under this Plan.

If you decided not to purchase the Protection Plan, you can return to the location you purchased your product from within 60 days to opt-in, with your original receipt.

This document and your purchase invoice state all the dispositions of this Protection Plan (Plan) concluded between the parties. In this Plan the term Comerco refers to Comerco Services Inc. This Plan is administered by Comerco Services Inc.

What's Included?

The present document exposes all dispositions of the Plan entered into by both parties. These dispositions will not be modified by any representation, promise or external condition to this document. The Plan is concluded between Comerco and the Plan holder. Comerco agrees, at its discretion and in return for the fees applicable to this Plan, to:

A) Repair the covered product, or any of its parts impeding its normal functioning due to a manufacturing defect, under normal conditions of use, during the coverage period of the Plan. Such defects will be repaired without charge of labour and/or parts to the Plan holder.

B) Replace the product upon the confirmation, by an authorized technician, of a third failure of the same component during the coverage period of the Plan.

C) Replace a control button, if the broken control button impedes the normal functioning of the product. Comerco will send a replacement control button by mail. Control buttons will not be considered for the replacement of a third failure coverage option.

D) The coverage period for remote controls begins at the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty for this accessory and expires at the end of the Protection Plan’s period of coverage. Replacement will be limited to one (1) for the length of the Plan.

E) Repair, following verification by an authorized technician of failures due to power surges.

General Conditions

A) This Plan becomes effective following the expiry date of the manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labour. To be eligible for the coverage offered by the Plan, the product must have been purchased as new and must have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 90 days. The combined duration of the Plan and the manufacturer’s warranty cannot exceed 5 years for lawn and garden equipment and tools, and 4 years for consumers electronics products.

B) The maximum value of a replacement product cannot exceed the original purchase price as indicated on the sales receipt. Technological advances or market changes may result in a replacement product with comparable features but with a lower selling price than the original product. Replacement will be made with a similar product, of equal quality and of current availability. From the moment the equipment has been replaced, Comerco will have met all its obligations and the Plan will become null and void.

C) In the event that:

i) the manufacturer ceases to operate or;

ii) the parts are no longer available or;

iii) in any and all other circumstances where Comerco, at its discretion, judges that a repair cannot be completed, the only obligation of Comerco will be to supply a replacement product as described in B).

Are Excluded From Comerco’s Responsibility

1. Damages caused by:

1.1. Failure to conform to the manufacturer’s recommended use or use in conditions for which the product was not intended.

1.2. External causes, rust, insect or rodent infestations, inappropriate use, inappropriate installation, abuse, or improper hook-ups.

1.3. Failures that are the subject of a manufacturer recall or service bulletin. Also, repairs, replacements and/or labour costs on items and/or parts that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or an insurance policy.

1.4. Abusive or improper manipulation, damages caused during shipping, a modification, an accident, a shock, a fall, chemical corrosion, and liquid or sand or humidity infiltration, unless the covered product is explicitly specified by the manufacturer as being submersible.

1.5. Reception and/or transmission problems caused by external factors.

2. The following products or components:

2.1. Garnishes, command inscriptions and gradations on control panels or control buttons, esthetical components that do not impede the normal functioning of the covered panels, products and/or parts covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

2.2. Warping or caving in of the structure. Any part or component of a structural nature that does not affect the correct functioning of the product.

2.3. Parts that should be replaced and/or cleaned periodically under normal usage such as, without being limited to, bulbs, lamps, fuses, filters, batteries, blades, bits, spark plugs, brake pads, belts, tires, hoses and clamps.

2.4. Any and all product with a tampered or absent serial number.

2.5. Burnt phosphors in or on the screen surface and replacement or repair of pixels below the manufacturer’s guidelines for such cases.

2.6. Radios included on the covered product, such as on lawn mowing tractors or snow blowers.

3. Other exclusions:

3.1. Odours.

3.2. Noise and loss or reduction of product performance that is not caused by a failure.

3.3. Loss of use, revenue and/or salary due to delays resulting from the failure of the covered product, unavailability of parts or any other difficulty or delay that may encounter Comerco in accomplishing the required repairs under the terms of the Plan.

3.4. Loss or damage caused by foreign substances in fuel/oil mixture and/or fuel and/or oil that is not recommended by the manufacturer.

3.5. Loss or damage due to operation of covered product without proper fluid levels or proper fluid/ lubricant qualities, lack of lubrication, substandard fuel and/or, substandard fuel/oil blends.

3.6. Costs related to the removal or reinstallation of a product that is not easily accessible by the technician and installation of a replacement product.

3.7. Software included with the product as well as the recovery of data in a product that has experienced a failure.

3.8. Any and all software/hardware updates required by the product for its correct functioning, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.

3.9. Any repairs made by an unauthorized servicer. In this case, the Plan will become null and void.

3.10. No Fault Found diagnostics following the inspection of an authorized servicer.

3.11. In the event of a failure affecting an item that is part of a pair or ensemble, the responsibility of the Plan will be limited to the repair, replacement or credit only for the item that has experienced the failure.

Service And Other Precisions

A) To obtain service: Contact customer service at 1.877.710.4653 or request service online at http://www.comerco.com/servicerequest.

B) Transferable: This Plan is transferable from one owner to another, without charge, by completing the "Protection Plan Transfer Request" online at http://www.comerco.com/ownertransfer.

C) If no fault is found or if the repairs are rejected by Comerco, the holder will have to reimburse any and all incurred costs without which the benefits of the Plan will be suspended until said payment is received. The duration of the Plan will by no means be extended in the event that a suspension of benefits occurs.

Replacement Plans

For products under $300, we also offer Replacement Plans to cover your purchase for two years, starting when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The Replacement Plan offers a one-time replacement for failed products.

Already Purchased?

If you have already purchased your product and wish to purchase a Plan, simply bring your original sales receipt to the location you purchased your product from within 60 days to opt-in. Our Peavey Mart Team Members will be happy to help.