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Did you know you can order Live Honey Bees through Peavey Mart?

Ordering is easy. Just add as many packages to your cart as you want and select one of the locations for pickup. Not available for pick up in all stores.

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NUC Colony: Order online before June 15 and you will receive your NUC Bee Colony for pick up around early July.

Quantities are limited. NUC colonies are from Alberta. We expect them to arrive on the date listed, however due to unforeseen circumstances this can change. Customers will be notified by eCommerce along the way of any changes or updates to transportation or delivery of the bees.

What is a NUC bee colony?

The NUC bee colony is an established bee colony with all of the below included.

   · 1 New Mellivo Migratory Top
   · 4 Frames of Brood with and established laying Queen
   · 1 Frame of Honey
   · 4 New Wood Frames with Black Pierco Waxed Foundation
   · 1 In-Hive Feeder with Feed
   · 1 Screened Bottom Board

Why can I only pick these up at certain locations?

Safety is our #1 priority. The Bees ship with feed to our chosen destinations. Customer will have to drive to the pickup location of their choice to ensure bees are received within a time limit that allows for continued safety.

Can we buy American Honey Bees?

No. Laws prevent importing Honey Bees from the USA.

How do I know I received a queen?

The queen comes in a separate box with her own food source. In some cases she will be marked with a coloured dot on her head. She is also recognizable by different characteristics. She will be much larger and darker than the other bees.

How do you ensure the safety of Bees in transportation?

Our Bees are shipped on #1 transportation carriers to our stores across Canada. The truck is climate controlled and checked on frequently by driver or other trained personal. Bee boxes are shipped with feed to last the trip across the world.

Peavey Industries LP (Peavey Mart, TSC Stores & Mainstreet Hardware) have steps in place to ensure safety of any live animal we sell. Good Animal husbandry is in everyone's best interest. If buying Honey Bees we strongly recommend you have a industry mentor or have taken training courses. Buying bees is at your own risk- please check to ensure you are legally allowed to have Honey Bees where you live.