Your Easy Guide to Outdoor Turkey Frying


When thinking of a delicious Thanksgiving feast, most people think of turkey and stuffing. While there are many ways to cook the traditional Thanksgiving bird, outdoor turkey frying has become a popular option. A deep fry turkey is juicy and tender on the inside, while the outside has a crunchy, textured skin. If you are thinking of trying something new for your family's holiday celebration, consider the following helpful tips to make deep frying a turkey easier than ever before. The three most important steps to take are preparing the bird, preparing the fryer and carving to enjoy.

1. Prepare the Bird

If you are planning to fry your turkey, you will need to make the stuffing a separate side dish. You do not want stuffing coming out of the bird and burning in the vat of oil. You also want to make sure that your turkey is fully defrosted and patted dry before submerging in the fryer. Any water or ice on the bird will cause oil to splatter and can potentially cause burns. Be sure that you have a bird big enough to feed everyone at your celebration, and follow the package directions for thawing it. Larger turkeys may take days to thaw in the refrigerator.

2. Prepare the Fryer

Be sure that you heat the oil slowly to the temperature recommended by the fryer's manufacturer based on the turkey's size. Once the oil is heated, place the defrosted turkey into the oil slowly and carefully. If you drop it directly into the oil, you can cause a splatter that is dangerous for yourself and others standing by. Make sure that yourself or someone else is available to monitor the turkey at all times. It is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy in case there is an oil fire. Remember to never pour water on an oil fire because this will only exacerbate the problem.

3. Carve and Enjoy

Once your turkey cooks for the appropriate length of time, you are almost ready to dig in and enjoy. Let the turkey sit for about half an hour to let the juices settle before carving. Watch a video beforehand on how to properly carve a turkey if this is a skill that you do not feel comfortable with. Now that you have your delicious fried turkey ready to serve, gather around the table and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Preparing for a Thanksgiving or other holiday dinner can be an exciting time. If you have decided to switch things up this year and try deep frying your turkey, consider these tips to keep everything safe and delicious. With some careful research and shopping, you can be ready to awe everyone at this year's gathering with your new turkey-cooking skills.