Know How to Prepare for a Camping Trip

If you are planning to head out for some camping adventures then you will want to be prepared. There are lost fo things to consider and everyone’s perfect camping checklist will look a little bit different. So here are some hints, tips and guidelines to get you started on your perfect camping adventure. So you can get started making some new memories. 

There are three main questions you need to answer before you head out into the wilderness. That’s not to say these are the only questions but they should get you in the right mindset to make sure you don’t forget anything crucial! So let’s take a look at what they are and then you can start to think about your answers: 

1. What type of camping are you planning? 
Is it a site that has all the amenities like BBQ, power, washrooms, showers? Or are you headed out into the middle of the forest? Or perhaps something in between? Or maybe you are picturing some glamping? Do you have a long hike into your site? 

2. What is on the itinerary?
Are you planning to sit around the campfire, play games and tell ghost stories or are you planning to be on the go all day hiking, fishing and just crash for the night in your tent? It is important to have an idea of what you would like to do as this will have an impact on what you will need to bring. 

3. What season will you be camping in? 
A fall camp will need different gear than a summer camping trip. If you are adventurous enough for some winter camping, well that is a whole other type of planning! So knowing when you are venturing out into the wild is an important thing to consider. Once you have these answers under your belt you will be in a much better position to get all your gear together. So let’s jump into the camping checklist! 

• Tent with stakes 
• Camp chair 
• Camp table (if your site doesn’t have a picnic table) 
• Ground cloth/tarp 
• Extra stakes 
• Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes 
• Axe or hammer/mallet 
• Lanterns(and fuel if necessary) or string lights 
• Firewood 
• Waterproof Matches and fire starters 

Primitive site gear 
• Water filter/purification 
• Potable water containers 
• Shovel (assuming there are no outhouses) 
• Tablecloth 
• Hammock + tree straps 
• Cord to tie up as a clothesline + clips 
• Camping shower/shower pump 
• Sun/bug shelter 
• Fire starters 
• Roasting forks for s’mores and hotdogs 
• Epic s’mores recipes 
• Duct tape 

• Sleeping bag 
• Sheets/blankets 
• Pillow 
• Sleeping pads or air mattresses (don’t forget the pump) 
• Groundsheet/sleeping pad Optional 
• Camping cots 
• Sleep mask 
• Earplugs 
• Extra blankets  
• Repair kit for air mattress 

Camp Kitchen 
• Camp stove and fuel 
• Camp sink or wash bins 
• Garbage/recycling bags 
• Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls 
• Cutlery 
• Mugs and cups 
• Plastic beer and wine glasses 
• Paper towels/napkins 
• Potholders/oven mitts 
• Pots, pans or Dutch oven + lids 
• Cooking utensils (spatula, knife, spoon, tongs) 
• Cutting board and knife 
• Dish rags/scrub pad/towels 
• Coolers (1 for food & 1 for drinks) 
• Aluminum foil 
• Water jug and filter/treatment 
• Bear-resistant food containers 
• Biodegradable soap 
• Paper towels 
• Potato peeler 
• Ziplock bags 
• Bottle opener/corkscrew 
• Can opener 
• Mixing bowl 
• Measuring cups/spoons 
• Coffee pot or french press 

Food & drinks 
• Water 
• Ice 
• Beverages (juice, milk, beer, wine)
• Coffee/tea/creamer 
• Condiments 
• Cooking oil/spray 
• Salt, pepper, herbs and spices 
• Marshmallows, Graham crackers, Hershey bars (S’mores) 
• Bread 
• Butter 
• Sugar 
• Food

Clothing & Footwear 
• Moisture wicking underwear/compression shorts 
• Moisture wicking shirt 
• Quick-drying pants/shorts 
• Long-sleeve shirts (for sun, bugs) 
• Lightweight fleece or jacket 
• Sleepwear 
• Jeans/pants + belt 
• Running shoes 
• Shorts 
• T-shirts 
• Socks(plus a few extra socks) 
• Hat with brim 
• Sweatshirt/jacket 
• Rain gear 
• Camp shoes/slip-ons 
• Laundry bag 
• Underwear 
• Sports bra 
• Sturdy hiking shoes or boots (waterproof is a good idea)
• Fleece jacket or puffy jacket/vest 
• Bandana or Buff 

Summer items 
• Sandals 
• Swimsuit 
• Flip slops 
• Water shoes 

 Fall/Winter items 
• Long underwear 
• Fleece pants 
• Gloves or mittens 
• Toque 
• Warm insulated jacket (down or synthetic)
• Scarf 
• Snowpants 
• Hand & foot warmers 
• Wool socks 

Health & Hygiene 
• Towels/washcloth 
• Toothbrush/tooth paste 
• Toilet paper 
• Biodegradable soap 
• Prescription medications 
• First-aid Kit (Tweezers, bandages, antiseptic, antibacterial ointment) 
• Hand sanitizer 
• Menstrual/urinary products 
• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving supplies etc) 
• Quick-dry pack towel (more than one is better) 
• Moleskin or tape (for blisters) 
• Ibuprofen (headache reliever) 
• Antacids (stomachache) 
• Antihistamine (allergic reactions) 
• Small multi-tool (w/ tweezers + scissors)
• Comb, brush, hair clips etc 

Sun and bug protection 
• Sunscreen 
• Sunglasses 
• Wide brimmed sun hat
• After-sun cream and/or aloe 
• Lip balm 
• Insect repellent sprays and/or candles 
• Baby wipes 
• Spare eyeglasses/contact lens supplies 
• Tissues
• Sterile compresses 
• Splinting materials 
• Ipecac 
• Hydrogen Peroxide 
• Ace bandages 
• Burn ointment 
• Snake bite kit 
• Eye drops 
• Poison ivy cream/cleansers 
• Heat/cold packs 
• Latex gloves 
• Antibacterial soap 
• Thermometer 
• Coins for emergency phone calls 
• Antibiotic soap 
• Butterfly bandages 
• Nail clippers 

 Personal Items 
• Credit card and/or cash 
• ID/Health card 
• Cellphone + charger 
• Waterproof case for phone 
• Campsite reservation confirmation (if required) 
• Headlamp or flashlight + extra batteries 
• Extra set of contacts or glasses
• Power bank or spare batteries for electronic devices 
• Compass/GPS/maps 
• Whistle (preferably Fox40) 
• Camera/battery/film/video + charger 
• Candles 
• Backpack/fanny pack 
• Swiss army knife 
• Small sewing kit 
• Water bottle 
• Bear safety gear 
• Water bottle(s) or hydration pack 

Fun Stuff 
• Field guides (flowers, insects) 
• Star chart/night-sky identifier 
• Music player with headphones 
• Bluetooth speaker 
• Notebook & pen/pencil 
• Bikes (great for kids at the campground) 
• Binoculars 
• Books or magazines 
• Watersports gear and PFDs 
• Deck of cards 
• Travel board games 
• Extra toys and games for kids 
• Beach ball or inflatable ball 
• Dog gear (dishes, tether, toys, bed) 
• Fishing gear 

 Happy camping!