Know How for BBQ This Season


Have you ever envied your neighbor's skills on the grill? Wondered how they manage to cook a meal for a party of 20 or more people with such perfection? The backyard BBQ is a seasonal tradition, and this year you should be a part of it. With the six tips for BBQ below, you will have the basics of becoming a true grill master.

1. Temperature

First, you need to understand grill temperature and how to control it. It is not as simple as turning a dial like with an oven. Grill temperatures tend to fluctuate, especially with charcoal grills. The important thing to note is that the hotter the grill, the faster food will cook, and while that may not sound like rocket science, it is crucial to understand.

While hot grills are essential for churning out impressive numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers, the hottest settings will not be great for thicker cuts of meat. Therefore, know what you are cooking and pay attention to the temp.

2. Indirect Heat

Indirect heat is when you turn on the heat for half of your grill and place the food on the other side. While you will not use this method for every meat, it works well for foods that require a longer cooking time. For example, you can cook whole chickens and beef roasts this way.

3. Movement

Another way of controlling heat is by moving the meat around the grill. Sometimes food will benefit from being removed from the direct heat source or flipped and shifted around the grill surface. If you do not move and flip your food, then you may end up with burnt meats and grill flare-ups.

4. Doneness

There are several methods for testing the doneness of a piece of meat. For example, many grill enthusiasts claim you can use your hand as a reference. However, the best method for knowing when your main course is cooked is a meat thermometer.

5. Lid

A common debate among BBQ experts is whether your grill's lid should be down or up. It depends. Gas grills have a hard time reaching the temperatures necessary without the top closed, but charcoal grills do best when the fire is exposed to oxygen.

6. Charcoal vs. Gas

Charcoal versus gas grilling is a long-standing debate. Purists feel that gas is cheating, while tech-savvy grillers argue charcoal is not suitable for every meat. Each grill has its pros and cons, but only you can decide which is best for you. Charcoal grills are traditional and give the meat that smokey flavor many BBQers love, but gas allows for a level of control that is unmatched. Perhaps the best option is a combination grill that allows you to practice both methods of cooking.

Whether you use direct or indirect BBQ techniques, the only way to master the grill is with practice. Check out TSC Stores for grills and supplies this BBQ season.