Know How to Attract Colorful Birds to Your Yard

Know How to Attract Colorful Birds to Your Yard

Birdwatching is a phenomenon of the 20th century. The advent of binoculars and other optical aids let people study wild birds in a natural habitat. Today, backyard birding is very popular. If you cater to birds, you may attract some beautiful species.

Landscape Elements That Draw Birds to Your Yard

Attracting birds to your yard is about making sure they feel safe and protected. Plant trees and plants that appeal to birds. Bright colored flowers attract hummingbirds. Birds love sunflowers, honeysuckle, daisies and zinnias. Shrubs that produce berries and seeds area another source of food for birds. Fruit trees also provide food while giving birds nesting spaces. Make sure to minimize your use of pesticides to make sure birds can feed safely.

Make a Water Source

A bird bath is a great way to provide water, but it will need to be refilled on a regular basis. Heated bird bath options keep the water from freezing in the winter months. Solar bird baths use the power of the sun to turn the water. You don't want to have stagnant water that breeds mosquitos or other pests. Ideally, a small pond or fountain is one of the best things. Moving water is even more appealing to your feathered friends and it won't become rank.

Provide Food For Birds

Natural food sources in your landscape will draw many birds, but when you provide seeds and nuts, you get a steady stream of customers. When you start feeding birds, you'll need to continue. Birds begin to rely on your yard as a food source. Here are some popular choices for attracting birds.

  • Black-oil sunflower seeds:blue jays, cardinals, chickadees love these thin-shelled seeds that provide energy.

  • Suet cakes:suet is just animal fat, but birds enjoy it as a source of protein during the winter. Suet cakes are usually mixed with seeds or nuts and served through suet cages.

  • Fruit:Raisins, oranges, apples and bananas will draw birds to your yard. Of course, you may also get a few four-legged friends, such as squirrels or raccoons.

  • Nuts:peanuts in the shells, almonds, walnuts and pecans are natural attractants and nutritious. They can be expensive, but you might see some new species when you offer them.

  • Thistle:this small seed is loved by goldfinches and buntings, which are brightly colored birds. You'll need a special feeder.

  • Seed mixes: you'll get a variety of birds with a seed mix. Look for no-mess seed mixes that have already been hulled. It will be less messy.

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