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Know the Dethatching Process
With the spring right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about lawn care and landscape maintenance. One of the many burdens of spring and summer lawn care is learning how to dethatch your yard.

Thatch is that strange layer of organic debris, a mix of living and dead plant material, that forms at the base of grass plants. While maintaining a thin layer, about a half-inch, of organic matter that quickly breaks down can be beneficial to the health of your lawn, anything thicker can be detrimental.
Know The Benefits of Tilling
With all the things on your to-do list this spring, you may be tempted to put certain tasks, like tilling the garden, lower on the list. Can you get by without tilling this year? The answer is no, because this process is as essential to getting your garden ready as sowing seeds. If you omit this step, not only will your plants be at a disadvantage but you are likely to have issues with weed control throughout the growing season.
Know How To Make a Tailgate Bench
Spring is right around the corner, and so are backyard BBQs and outdoor gatherings. Why not enjoy those parties in style? The following plans will guide you through the process of making a unique, one-of-a-kind tailgate bench.
Know How Water and Food Attracts Spring Birds
Birds bring joy to thousands of people every day, and there is no better time to enjoy the beauty of these feathered friends than in the spring. The birds are more active then, they sing more, and their colors are more vibrant. There are several keys to attracting spring birds to your garden, backyard or home. Most of them are fairly easy, not too expensive and don't require a lot in the way of engineering knowledge.
Know How for BBQ This Season
Have you ever envied your neighbor's skills on the grill? Wondered how they manage to cook a meal for a party of 20 or more people with such perfection? The backyard BBQ is a seasonal tradition, and this year you should be a part of it. With the six tips for BBQ below, you will have the basics of becoming a true grill master.
The Benefits of Using a Water Softener
Does your water have an odd taste or smell? Hard water can cause these and other effects. Learn more about the problems of having hard water, the benefits water softener systems provide and how you can enjoy clean, refreshing water.
Expert Tips in Welding
Starting to weld is easier than many people think. However, as many novice and intermediate welders have discovered, mastering the skill is a lot more challenging. While there is no replacement for practice, forming some good habits and being thoughtful about your welding will help you improve your skills. These are five MIG welding tips from experts to help you master the craft.
The Benefits of LED Lighting
With concerns about utility consumption, more people are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on electricity. Instead of turning off lights through the day, consider an LED retrofit that replaces incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting. Take a closer look at the benefits of LED lighting.
Know How to Start Your Indoor Growing Right
Indoor gardening offers many benefits over buying seedlings from a nursery. You can start your plants when you want so you can be ready for planting dates in your area. With heirloom seeds, you can have varieties that fit your tastes. You can grow the number of plants that you choose. Although nursery seedlings are convenient, you are limited to the inventory in your area. Growing your own seedlings is often less expensive than using nursery plants. Plus, when you grow your own seedlings, you can indulge your gardening hobby even earlier and enjoy some plant therapy in the winter.
Terrific Tips for the Beekeeping Beginner
Beekeeping is more than just a fun hobby; taking proper care of bees can have a positive effect on your community and the plants that rely on these insects for pollination. Have you always been fascinated by the idea of beekeeping but didn’t know where to start? Keeping bees isn’t a difficult task, but it does take preparation and finesse to keep your hive alive. Before you can be a beemaster, you should follow these beekeeping tips to sharpen your skills.
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