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Our 44" tow-behind finish mower delivers a high quality finish cut on lawns and flat off-lawn areas. Tow behind your ATV or use as an outrigger and mow simultaneously with your riding mower. Mow up to 2 acres/hour!

2-Blade, 44" Wide Deck

The MOW PRO-44 uses a two blade design to cover its 44" mowing swath. Cut materials are chopped and re-chopped under the deck prior to discharge on the right side. 


Mow up to 2 acres per hour!

Plus, you can mow even more territory, in the same time, when you use MOW PRO-44 with your riding mower to expand your cutting width. 

Product Summary:

  • 13.3 FPT Manual-Starting engine
  • 44" mowing deck
  • Mows up to 2 acres per hour
  • Tow Vehicles for stand-alone mowing: use ATV, UTV, or Tractor
  • Tow Vehicles for outrigger mowing: use with Riding Mower or Zero-Turn
  • Floating deck rides over obstacles
  • Mows outside wheelbase
  • 2 blades partially mulch before discharging
  • See Features and Specs Tabs for more product details 

44" Cut

With its wide cut, the DR Finish Mower can function as a solo tow-behind, or you can use it as an outrigger mower along with your riding mower and increase your cut width dramatically.

Floating Deck

Rises up and over obstacles. This helps minimize scalping while preventing damage to your mower’s blade, spindle, and engine from roots, stumps, rocks, and hummocks.


Adaptable Tow Bar

The two-piece tow bar allows you to offset the mower to either side (up to 68") or mow straight behind your tow vehicle.

Turf Tread Tires

11", low-impact tires are fine for groomed lawn areas, but sturdy enough for tracking in meadows and other uneven terrain.

Dual Blades

Two heavy-duty mowing blades cover the 44" cutting width. Material is partially mulched before being discharged.

Adjustable Deck

Two simple hand cranks offer infinite cutting height adjustment between 1.5" and 5.5".

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