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The Pro model has 60% more capacity than the Premier model (43 cubic feet, or 321 gallons) and dumps quickly and easily. The Pro model is perfect for medium-to-large properties with heavier lawn cleanup. OHV engine (13.28 ft-lbs/301 cc) with cast iron cylinder sleeve.

13.28 PRO Model
With the PRO model, you'll work longer before having to unload. The collector box holds 60% more material than the smaller PREMIER model, making it a great choice for larger properties or heavier cleanup tasks.

The powerful 13.28 ft. lbs. torque engine (301 cc), in combination with the massive Shark-Teeth impeller, creates tremendous airflow that virtually eliminates clogs and leaves your lawn beautifully free of debris.

The easy-opening clamshell collector and backless cart (with a steep 60-degree dump angle) ensures that unloading is fast, easy and thorough

Collect, Shred and Dump!
Using the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum drastically reduces the volume of leaves and other materials it collects. It starts with your mower deck which provides lift to pull lawn debris up into the spinning blade. Then the partially mulched material is channeled into our Shark Teeth Steel impeller which further reduces it before passing it in to the collector.

It’s not JUST for Leaves!
In spring the DR is great for cleaning up the wind- and storm-borne debris that collects on your lawn. During the summer, it makes a terrific high-capacity bagger that will leave your lawn spotless with very little extra effort on your part. And you can use the utility cart any time of year for hundreds of hauling jobs.

Accessories Add Versatility
Our Vacuum Hose lets you get at yard waste in places you can't drive your mower. And the Mulch Discharger allows you to broadcast all that debris right where you want it.

Optimal 8" Hose
Our 8" hoses offer the ideal balance—narrower hoses clog too frequently, and wider ones lose compression and suction power. We tested extensively and found 8" to be the optimal diameter.

Modular Design
Our collector top removes and folds up, and the engine rolls away on its own built-in trolley. The result: simple, space-efficient storage and year-round versatility.

Reduce a Mountain of Leaves
Our Shark-Teeth Impeller, in combination with the action of your lawn mowing blade, reduces your leaves to a fine mulch during collection. The result is rich, organic material that you can return to your garden or compost heap.

Utility Cart
With the upper collector and power unit detached, the cart bed makes a great all-purpose utility trailer. Pin hitch it to your riding mower (or ATV) and use it for all kinds of landscaping and hauling chores. The Pro model has a 800 pound capacity.

Electric Start Available
The Pro model is available with electric-start (with manual recoil backup). The 9-amp battery recharges during use, for instant starts with the turn of a key.

Huge Capacity
The Pro model holds up to 321 Gallons (43 cu. ft.). The high-speed impeller reduces the volume of leaves to a fraction of their original bulk. So you’ll be able to collect huge amounts of leaves and debris before you have to stop and unload.

Big Wheels...easy Rolling!
Our 14” diameter wheels are bigger than competitive products and create a smoother roll. You can convert to dual wheel setup with our Wheel Upgrade Kit.

Trailer Jack Stand
Heavy-duty Trailer Jack Stand, for moving the machine easily when not in use. Adapts to pin hitch heights of 8" to 15". Stand lifts out of the way during operation. 4" diameter wheel. (Optional accessory).

Pro Model Product Summary:
Collection capacity: 321 Gallon capacity (43 cu. ft.)
Hauling capacity: 800 lbs
Single Point Hitch
Jack stand kit standard
DR OHV Engine 13.28 Ft. Lbs. Torque
Manual-Starting or Electric Starting Options
Weight: 299 lbs
Lawn Tractor Requirements:
14 HP or greater (right side discharge only)

Length: 88"
Width: 50"
Height: 59"
Shipping Dimensions: 77.5"L x 49"W x 41"H
Shipping Weight: 411 lbs.

Make: DR
Starting Type: Manual
Ft Lbs Torque: 13.28
Displacement: 301 cc
Engine Type: OHV
Number Of Cylinders: 1
Air Filter: Dual Element
Pre Cleaner: Yes
Oil Capacity: 37.2 oz
Lubrication: Splash
Oil Type: SAE 30W HD
RPM Speeds: 3800
Cooling Methods: Air Cooled
Engine Shaft Diameter: 1.18 inch

Fuel System
Fuel Capacity: 6.9 Qrt
Fuel Shutoff Value: Yes

Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Hauling Capacity: 43 Cubic Feet
Dump Angle: 60°

Hitch Type: Pin Hitch
Towable Type: Single point
Recommended Towing Vehicle: Riding Lawn Mower 14 hp Minimum

Wheels Tires
Number of Tires: 4
Tire Size: 14" x 4.5"
Dimensions: 5.30/4.50-8 4 ply
Tread: Sawtooth

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