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Electric Car Charging Stations Added at Peavey Mart Stores.

Peavey Mart is the first retailer in Canada to commit to the installation of electric charging stations at all locations.

Electric car owners in the Prairies are getting a charge from Peavey Mart stores. The retail chain decided to install charging stations at all 29 store locations and has them already in Red Deer, Regina, Medicine Hat and Wetaskiwin.

Charging is free for electric car owner, says Doug Anderson, President, Peavey Industries Limited, We expect most people will charge for an hour or so.

The distance a car can drive on a single charge depends on the battery, the car, and the charging unit. Red Deer is a convenient stop for people traveling on the QE2 corridor.

Canada is home to the world's longest charging network, completed last year by Saskatchewan-based Sun Country Highways, who installed electric chargers along the Trans-Canada highway. Sun Country Highways President Kent Rathwell says Peavey Mart is adding to that capacity.

Electric cars are a movement that the average person can partake in says Rathwell, and Peavey Mart is helping provide options for the average person by filling in charging capacity across most of Alberta and Saskatchewan. By assisting Canadians to lower their emissions, it allows Canada to continue to develop its resource sector while lowering emissions is good for all Canadian's and Peavey is trying to do their part.

We're extending the reach North, confirms Doug Anderson, Soon people will be able to travel from Dawson Creek, BC to Estevan, Saskatchewan and hook in to the Trans-Canada network.

The number of electric cars and charging stations is clearly growing, says Anderson. By adding charging stations, we're increasing the capacity for people and helping make electric cars more of an option.

Peavey Mart's Launch Event is set for June 7th from 1 - 5pm at the Red Deer Peavey Mart location. Join us and see Teslas and even an Electric Truck called the VTRUX. SCH President Kent Rathwell will be available in his Tesla Model S and available for interviews. Local car dealers will also be on location with their electric cars to view.